Participate in a sealed-bid auction

How to participate in a fixed swap auction pool?

1. Visit and select sealed-bid pool under pool type.
2. Find the auction pool to participate in. To participate in a sealed-bid auction, enter the following parameters:
    Bid swap ratio: the price you want to pay per token. This amount can not be lower than the floor swap ratio.
    Bid amount: the amount in ETH or USDT you want to spend.
3. Check the status of your bid by clicking “check your bids” button. Once a bid transaction is executed, it can not be cancelled or withdrawn, as long as the auction is live.
4. If everything is correct click join and enter the join pool page
5, Enter the bid, click go and confirm the transaction in MetaMask (or any other wallet you use).
If a transaction error with very high gas fee (usually over 200 USD), appears please do not proceed and go back to the parameter page to check if everything is entered correctly.
6. Pool participants need to come back to manually claim the swapped tokens or unswapped ETH/USDT back. This can be done in one transaction at the end of the auction.
A user can make only one bid transaction in one sealed-bid pool.
Last modified 10mo ago
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