Governance vault

Secured by Multisig wallets

Any use of the AUCTION governance allocation needs to be initiated through on-chain proposals and voting. The governance vault needs Multisig approval which executes funds quickly to keep the pace with proposed changes.
The Bounce governance vault has 9 signers, at least 6 out of the 9 signers are needed to access any funds in the vault.
The inital 9 Multisig wallet addresses are:
  • 0xdD981b2a5c8B63a225f8bb436d8dE2bA9b121924
  • 0xE37E8F1EE43D4F29E015e6A42fA3156115790a7E
  • 0xb0325DbE7fA891436E83A094f9F12848c78e449b
  • 0xDc8D6300ed8a038BaA494bADF4a76338a9a668CF
  • 0x5a28E5897b19940A488c768D5f91f17F940F9332
  • 0x64152ededa3927e7b437e0c720f48a95da41a580
  • 0x9f26964717F38b47BcBb450118E913d8649E8cEA
  • 0x1eBef03483030dd746c0BBa924E828Ce2C0534ea
  • 0x5b97680e165B4DbF5C45f4ff4241e85F418c66C2
The Bounce team does not hold any of the 9 keys and will not be one of the signers. Signers announce their roles through their social media accounts for public verification and record.