Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools QuickStart

Some simple steps to follow in order to create an LBP
Just follow these simple steps to get started with an LBP:
1. Select a valid ERC-20 contract address for the token you're looking to auction off, and the token you want to collect. (The available collateral assets are WETH, DAI, or USDC.) You can upload a Logo image URL to the new launch token if you so choose.
2.Give those tokens an initial value by collateralizing them and selecting a start weight.
Liquidity will be provided using the resulting balances and weights. The value of the collateral can be potentially amplified by up to 99 times by weighting it with a lower proportion within the liquidity pool. Set the end weights towards which the launch and collateral tokens within the deposited LP will change over the length of the auction
3. Set a duration for the auction
This step, in combination with the start weights and token balances, creates the price decay effect for LBPs.
4. Set the project description, add a 'learn more' URL, and configure the auction swap fee.
Note: You'll need to host the content for 'Learn More' yourself. If you don't have the facility to do this, don't worry - it's not a mandatory field.
5. Create the auction by signing all the necessary transactions.
6. Enable trading within the auction at exactly the time.
You can pause the auction swapping function, whenever the pool is live.
7. Withdraw the balances and the collected fee when the auction ends.
And that's it - all done!