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In a Playable Auction, your allocation isn’t determined by how much you bid, but by your performance in a specific game. There are two stages in our Playable Auction: game competition and token auction. The auctioneer or the host chooses a game for the auction and sets several parameters including: the total number of winners in the game, the duration of the auction, the accepted currency and the swap ratio of the token for sale.

Once the Playable Auction begins, participants play the chosen game, with their performance directly affecting their chances of securing an allocation. The players with the highest game scores at the end of the game competition stage are deemed the winners and they’ll secure their allocation in the next stage. It’s an exciting way to engage with the platform and provides a level of transparency and fairness to all participants.

Bounce Finance’s Playable Auction presents an engaging and enjoyable method for projects conducting Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs). The IDO process can start with a game where participants compete for their whitelist allocations through their gaming preference. The project offering IDO predetermines the duration of the auction and the number of winners — for example, top 50 scoring players. Then the top 50 players will be eligible to participate in the next IDO stage where they can purchase the project’s tokens with the accepted currency at the swap ratio determined by the project.

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