How to Become a Seller

When you have certain skill, you can sell your skill and earn money through the Bounce Recruitment platform. To begin with, you need to become a seller and pay a certain amount of deposit, and after that you can publish your service.

Find the entrance on the navigation, enter the homepage of "become a Seller", fill in your shopname. Please chose your shopname carefully and wisely to let potential buyers remember you better. On your seller profile page you can submit your portfolio of works, experience, education and other information required for becoming a seller.

After creating your seller profile, you can share your profile to others.​

Step 1: Personal Information

1. Fill in your full name.

2. In the Profile picture section, please upload your own picture. Make sure your are entitled to the ownership of the image you upload.


Your profile picture must be an original image of you/your company logo/image representing the services you provide. Your profile picture must not be an image of another person, a celebrity, or a false representation of your services. GIFs are not acceptable to be used as profile pictures.

1. In the description section, introduce yourself.

2. In the Location (Time zone) * section, select your country and time zone to make it easier for people to contact you during your working hours.3. Your occupation, fill in your field of knowledge.

4. Link your social media accounts and professional network accounts to your Bounce Recruitment account.

5. Click to Continue.

Step 2: Professional Information

1. In the portfolio section, choose some of your achievements to showcase and let people know more about you.

2. Skills section will provide your buyers an idea of your expertise. These may be skills acquired through your previous work, hobbies or even daily life. You can also choose to suggest skills that are not listed. You can add up to 15 skills.

3. In the Education section, select when and where you attended college. If not listed, you can also choose to suggest a diploma. Please note that recommendations are reviewed periodically and are not added automatically. It is recommended to display it in the your profile as "pending".

  1. 1.Click to Continue.

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