Create a sealed-bid auction

How to create a sealed-bid auction pool

1. Visit and select token sale on the left top corner.

2. Click create auction button and the selection window pops up.

3. Select Sealed-bid pool and click confirm to go to the create a sealed-bid pool page.

4. The pool settings page consists of two sections.

In the first section, only the token contract address is needed.

  • Token contract address: find the token contract address on Etherscan.

  • Token symbol and token decimals will be auto-filled after entering the token contract address.

The second section asks for the following parameters:

  • From: is auto filled after entering the contract address.

  • To: the currency to receive for the auctioned assets. On the Ethereum network the options are ETH and USDT. On Binance Smart Chain the options are BNB and USDT.

  • Floor swap ratio: the minimum price bid offers a pool creator would accept. Bidders cannot bid below this ratio.

  • Amount: the number of tokens to auction.

5. Customize the fixed swap pool:

  • Allocation per wallet: the maximum amount of tokens one wallet can purchase from your pool.

  • Participant:

    • Public opens the auction to everyone,

    • Bot holders opens the auction to users who hold at least 0.5 bot in their wallet.

    • Private opens to exclusive users or groups secured by password.

  • Pool name: for participants to identify the pool on the Bounce homepage.

  • Pool running time: the time that the pool will be available.

6. Once all parameters are entered, click the launch button and approve the transaction in Metamask (or whichever wallet used). Two transactions are needed to launch the pool.

  • Approve spending limit:

  • Approve Contract interaction:

If a transaction error with very high gas fee (usually over 200 USD), appears please do not proceed and go back to the parameter page to check if everything is entered correctly.

Manual claim for pool creators

Pool creators need to come back to check the pool status page and manually claim the swapped ETH/USDT and any unswapped tokens. This can be done in one transaction at the end of the auction.

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