Seller Verification Process

Below, we have laid out a step by step guide to maximize your chances at becoming a verified seller on Bounce Recruit so that you can reap the rewards of our incentive system as you use the platform.

Note: freelancers and creatives can still take jobs and get paid for their work on Bounce Recruitment regardless of their verification status. However, they will not be eligible for rewards like verified sellers will be. The seller verification process will open on May 16th!Step by Step Seller Verification Process:

  1. 1.The first step to becoming verified is to create an account using your email, social media account or Metamask wallet.


2. Next, build and customize your profile by clicking on the “Home & Profile” button >> “Edit Profile” button.​​

3. Thoroughly fill in all applicable profile fields. Verification is determined based on a reliable and well-written profile. The more detail you can provide, the faster you will be verified!​​

4. Once you have completed your base profile, click on the “Become a Seller” button in the top right corner to create your seller profile.​​

5. Include links to social media accounts and personal portfolio sites on your profile. These will be very helpful in earning Bounce Recruitment verification.

6. Verification will also take into account your career history and qualifications, so please include this information as well in your profile description.​​

7. Start posting services whilst the Bounce Recruitment team reviews your profile!​​

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