Technical Innovations

Technical Innovations

Bounce Recruitment aims to use Blockchain technology to gain tremendous competitive advantage and provide significant innovation to the platform:

(1) No borders, no barriers: Using blockchain means our platform is open to everyone. Decentralisation means there’s no single point of failure, making our platform extremely stable and robust.

(2) Non-fungible-tokens (NFT’s): This technology allows our platform to wrap created digital content in such a way as to manage delivery and receipt of goods via the Blockchain. This ensures absolute guarantee of contractual completion and full decentralisation of delivery. No one has done this before.

(3) Multi-chain support: We allow payments to be made via many different token types and on different blockchains. Under the hood, the Auction token is utilised via a market-purchase mechanism too. This makes Bounce Recruitment eminently approachable.

(4) Fiat support: use Bounce Recruitment using non-crypto currency too! But under the hood, the Auction token still receives massive utilisation. Why do we allow Fiat? Because frankly this is the biggest barrier of entry for people outside of crypto and we need to draw people in to crypto as seamlessly as we can, if we are ever to become mainstream.

(5) Perfect User Experience: all of the above — ALL of the ‘Features’ and ALL of these disruptive innovations — are achieved transparently! Users do NOT need to understand Blockchain, have a crypto wallet, or know how to wrap content in an NFT! Yes, we do all of this for our users automatically!

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