NFT issuance on Binance Smart Chain

How to issue your own NFT on Binance Smart Chain

1. Deploy the NFT contract on Remix. Find the contract demo here:

2. Prepare the MetaData and set to a hyperlink that can be accessed externally:

3. Connect MetaMask to the BSC block explorer and switch MetaMask's network to the Binance Smart Chain main network.

4. Choose WriteContract:

5. Fill in the issue address and the token url prepared above in the [issueToken] function

6. Click [Write] then click [Confirm] when MetaMask pops up, and wait for the block to be confirmed. After the block is confirmed, the NFT issuance is successful.

7. Switch to the [Read Contract] page, find the [OwnerOf] function, enter the tokenid you have just issued, and you can view the owner address of the token.

8. Put the [tokenId] in the [tokenURI] function and click [query] to view the tokenURI you just issued.

9. BSC's block explorer also supports the display of detailed information of the NFT transfers

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