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NFT issuance on Binance Smart Chain

How to issue your own NFT on Binance Smart Chain

1. Deploy the NFT contract on Remix. Find the contract demo here:
2. Prepare the MetaData and set to a hyperlink that can be accessed externally:
3. Connect MetaMask to the BSC block explorer and switch MetaMask's network to the Binance Smart Chain main network.
5. Fill in the issue address and the token url prepared above in the [issueToken] function
6. Click [Write] then click [Confirm] when MetaMask pops up, and wait for the block to be confirmed. After the block is confirmed, the NFT issuance is successful.
7. Switch to the [Read Contract] page, find the [OwnerOf] function, enter the tokenid you have just issued, and you can view the owner address of the token.
8. Put the [tokenId] in the [tokenURI] function and click [query] to view the tokenURI you just issued.
9. BSC's block explorer also supports the display of detailed information of the NFT transfers
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