Participate in a random selection auction

Bounce Random Selection Auction is an auction mechanism where, instead of the highest bid winning the auction, the winning bid is determined randomly like lottery.

Let's walk through the steps of participating in a Lottery Auction.👇

1. Visit and connect your wallet.

2. Head to the Lottery Auction pool that you want to join. Once the auction starts, you can hit "Place a Bid."

3. After hitting "Place a Bid," you're required to confirm the 3 statements making sure that you've checked all the details of this auction. Then hit "Confirm and continue."

4. Once your transaction is processed, your bid is successfully placed. You can check your bid status on the auction pool page.

5. After the auction ends, the list of randomly selected winners will be displayed on the auction pool page. You'll see the winning notification if you're one of the selected winners, and you can claim your allocation.

If you're not a winner, you can claim a full refund of your bid payment.

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