Strategic Vision

We are very excited to enter the metaverse with Bounce Recruitment and contribute to developing the infastructure of Web3. There is no freelance platform like Bounce Recruitment in the crypto space today and we hope to solve for the challenges of finding freelance work in Web3. We've listened to creators and know there are many logistical challenges of finding freelance work at a fair market rate. The need for this sort of job marketplace is too large to ignore.

Ultimately, we see Bounce Recruitment becoming the default crypto freelance platform. Initially, we will aim to target the many artists within crypto. These creatives want to take advantage of the relatively high pay within the crypto space while maintaining the flexibility of working on multiple projects. Without freelance work, talent is forced to choose between sacrificing their independence working on a salary for one company or take on the massive financial risk of launching their own venture.

Meanwhile, larger companies struggle to fill their talent needs in the tight labor market. We hope to bridge these groups with Bounce Recruitment. Bounce Recruitment will enable crypto native freelancers first, and as the network grows, the ability to be paid in crypto, on-chain NFT backed reputation, lenient KYC rules etc. Once we have built a strong network of Web3-focused creators and companies, Bounce Recruitment will migrate Web2 freelancers over to our platform. We will develop the platform to abstract away the need for users to have any level of niche crypto knowledge. Bounce Recruitment will be the go-to marketplace for every freelancer

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