How Do I Become "Verified" on Bounce NFT?

The only way to get verified is to fill out this form.

Here are some tips on getting it right.

You need to submit:

  1. Filled-in profile on Fangible: user pic + cover + custom link

  2. Links to at least 2 social media profiles. What we're looking for is active social media presence with a history, sharing your artworks, participating in the community. Large followers base is a plus.

  3. Behind the screens/work in progress If you're a creator, show us the backstage of the work process on one of the minted items. If you’re a collector and it's not applicable, we will take a look at the items you previously purchased.

  4. The story behind your account Tell us about yourself! Why are you on Fangible? What are you selling/collecting? What is the concept of your art?

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