What is Bounce Recruitment?

We started Bounce finance in early 2020, as a marketplace for decentralized auctions. The beauty of a free market is that anyone can create and participate without any barriers. We led the decentralized auction wave and it became a trend, resulting in decentralized auction tools being widely used by many projects and individuals.

Using the foundations of this evolutionary and influential launch, we are now ready to disrupt yet another arena with our entry in to the Metaverse Freelance marketplace! This represents a massive pivot for the Bounce product as we set our sights firmly on extending our DeFi experience to set new standards around the creation and management of the Metaverse! This is a milestone for the Bounce project and both our community and investors!

The core of the Bounce infrastructure is a peer-to-peer marketplace which improves efficiency and matches supply & demand perfectly. We believe in the Metaverse concept and see the need for many kinds of marketplace in the space. And fundamental to this, we see content creation as a foundational step in building Metaverses to a professional standard.

There are two types of content creation: passive creation, where artists generate content and monetize through NFT sales (platforms like OpenSea are central here). Then on the other side, there is pro-active creation where content creators create customized content based on explicit demand. Bounce Recruitment will be a full suite of products predominantly facilitating the second of these.

We will launch Bounce Recruitment with a web version initially, in which creators and customers will enjoy the following functionality.

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