Service Category

The platform now mainly focus on the market need from metaverse and crypto industry. Now the service scope include 6 categories and some sub-categories hereunder each main category.


1)Look for Gaming Studio;2)Look for items;3)Look for services;

2、UI Design&NFT Art

1)Poster & Social Media;2)NFT Art;3)Website Design;4)APP Design;5)Gaming Design;6)Logo & Brand Identity;7)3D Modeling;8)Other;

3、Product Design

1)Product analysis;2)Web Product;3)APP Product;4)Economic & Business Plan;5)Project management;6)Other;

4、Program&Tech1)Game Development;2)NFT & Market Development;3)Web Programming;4)Mobile App;5)Blockchain & Contract;6)Data Processing;7)Other


1)Looking for cooperation;2)Marketing & Promotion;3)Testing & Research;

Page 156、Writing&Media1)Articles & Ad Copy;2)White Papers & Docs;3)Vedio Editing;4)Music Editing;5)Other;

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