Our Vision

Bounce Finance is a comprehensive decentralized finance protocol that encompasses three core products: Bounce Decentralized Token&NFT Auctions, Bounce Real-World Collectible Auction, and Bounce Ad Space Auction Solution.

The objective of Bounce Finance is to provide a unified platform that caters to the dynamic needs of both individuals and companies in the auction market, while addressing the issue of fragmentation in the industry. This is achieved through a reputation system that enables users to assess the trustworthiness of auctions in the ecosystem.

The primary focus for Bounce Finance in the near future is to introduce a hybrid finance infrastructure that merges a centralized account management system with a decentralized application and tool access system, as well as an information-based DeFi experience that incorporates an information layer to increase transparency and user comprehension. Other cutting-edge advancements for the year include independent DeFi units that provide customization and flexibility for individual projects, refinements to the auction process through the implementation of a "regret" function and advanced auction mechanisms.

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