What do I do when I can't retrieve the service I want on the platform?The platform supports you to publish your requests and let the seller take the order to deliver works you need. For details, you can check "How to publish a request"

When I find a service that meets my needs, but still need to confirm some details with the seller, can I contact the seller?

The platform provides the function of chatting with seller, you can open the chat by clicking the chat buttonon the service detail page, or by going to the seller's homepage.

When I have too many orders, I don't want to take any more orders, what shall I do?

You can suspend or shut down my service to ensure the quality of delivery of my existing orders. You can do this under “my services” memu. The paused service will continue to appear in the list of services on the home page and can be seen by other users. But other users cannot place orders, and if the service is closed, the service will no longer appear in the list of services on the home page. Of course, you can also turn it on, so that your service can be seen and ordered by users again.

I don't have a Metamask wallet, can I be a seller?

We support users of centralized exchanges to join in our platform. You can add funds to your Metalent wallet by withdrawing from an exchange to the Metalent wallet address assigned to you.

How do I increase my user level?

There is a relationship between user level and the number of orders.Buyer and seller levels are the same, and the rules for rating are the same; user/seller completes an order +1, seller overdue orders -1.Lv0(0);Lv1(1-4);Lv2(5-9);Lv3(10-19);Lv4(20-49);Lv5(50-90);Lv6(100-199);Lv7(200-499);Lv8(500-999);Lv9(1000-1999);Lv10(2000+);

How do I improve my service rating?

Service score is the average score of all completed orders scored by the seller. Only by taking more orders and finish it well to take high ratings.When there is a malicious negative review, you can contact customer service to review and reject.PreviousOrder Reviews & RatingsNext - Metalents APIIntroduction

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