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Bounce Lab builds and incubates ideas for Bounce Ecosystem

Current ideas that we are working on:

Bounce Syndicate

Bounce Syndicate is a Layer2 addition to the existing DeFi auction infrastructure, designed to facilitate auction offerings for groups with common interests. This enhancement offers benefits for both auctioneers and participants, and can be structured in various ways to achieve different goals.

To form a Syndicate, one must be verified on Bounce V3 and fill out a profile form that includes an introduction, background, icon, and key resources. The Syndicate's creator, who can be an individual or company, can choose to make the group paid or free.

Joining a Syndicate requires an account on Bounce V3. In the Syndicate section, you can apply by filling out the information required by the Syndicate owner. Approval will grant you membership.

The Syndicate operates through two mechanisms:

  1. Primary Mechanism: Projects can host exclusive auctions for Syndicate members, who can participate and bid for allocation in a first-come-first-serve manner, similar to a whitelist mechanism. This direct interaction is between auctioneers and Syndicate members.

  2. Secondary Mechanism: The Syndicate owner can leverage their connections to secure allocation from projects, then distribute it to members through auctions or fair distribution. This interaction is between Syndicate members and the owner."

Bounce Initial Play Auction (Bounce IPA)

Crypto gaming is gaining increasing popularity, and one approach is to incorporate a gaming aspect into the auction mechanism. Bounce introduces a new auction mechanism where allocation is distributed based on game play, where participants receive their allocation based on their ranking scores. The games are one-player, one-time games.

Auctioneers have the responsibility of deciding the game they want to play and establishing the allocation distribution rules. There are two options for receiving allocation: 1) an equal share for those who qualify through game play, or 2) different allocation sizes based on game rank and score."

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