Company Registration

  1. To begin your company's profile registration process on Bounce, begin by uploading a profile picture.

2. Next, you'll want to fill out some basic introductory information about your company, things like your name, location, size and stage...

  1. From here you'll be prompted to invite fellow team members and company employers as well as sort them by position.

  1. Once that's complete you'll have the option to add company tokens including relevant token contract address information, type and supported chain.

  1. From here you'll be able to add investors, similarly to how you have the option to invite team members. Relevant information may include their investment size, investor type and name.

  1. Finally, you will have the option to add company investments- feel free to provide information about investment type, size and date invested.

  1. Once all that is filled out, your company is ready to take advantage of Bounce's open network of Web3 builders, investors and individuals!

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