AUCTION Token Economics

Bounce Finance has its own platform token, known as AUCTION. This token serves as the backbone of the platform, allowing for operation, utility capture, and value creation. It should be noted that the AUCTION token does not have a monetary value. The token has been designed with both economic and game-theoretical principles to enhance platform utility.

The features of the AUCTION token include:

  • Governance Voting: Each AUCTION token represents a vote in the governance process of the Bounce platform. The more tokens held in a wallet, the greater the voting power and influence the holder has on proposals.

  • Medium of Exchange: Pool creators have the option to receive their auction proceeds in AUCTION tokens, which can be used as a currency.

  • Exclusive Auction Spotlight: Creators can stake their auctions to get their activities promoted and noticed by platform users.

  • Bounce V3 Membership: Verification and privileged access to the platform are available to members.

  • Bounce Staking: Staking AUCTION tokens earns rewards from protocol fees generated."

Increased utility will be made available as new features are introduced

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